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Buying and Selling

We buy and sell phones, tablets and other electrical goods. If you have a item that you wish to sell you can get a free quote for your device through our quote form.

We quote a price for your device based on our grading system, please provide the most accurate description of the condition of your device. Terms and Conditions apply

Items Purchased

Game Consoles eg: Playstation, Xbox
Smart Watches
Handheld Consoles eg: PSP, DS
Game Controlers
Accessories eg: Speakers, Headphones

Higher prices paid than CEX guaranteed!

Condition Grades

In order for us to provide you with an accurate quote for your device you must indicate the condition of the device. The condition of your device can be indicated with the following scale.

Condition Grade A:
Mint: Working product in mint cosmetic condition with all accessories.

Condition Grade B:
Good: Working product in good cosmetic condition with all essential accessories.

Condition Grade C:
Working: Working product in poor cosmetic condition, with charger.

Condition Grade F:

Non-working: Product must be intact. Phone passes IMEI check, no accessories required. Non-working examples: dead, cracked, water damage, broken/bleeding LCD (screen), not powering up, speaker/mic faults, broken aerial, etc.